Snag Sarnie

There are no hard and fast rules for this recipe - nothing has to be precise
1. Cook any desired amount of sliced brown onion on a low to medium heat with olive oil and add regular splashes of coconut aminos as you go (you could also use coconut vinegar)
2. Once the onion is 'cooked down' and is lovely and soft, remove from the pan and set aside.  Gently cook your snags using the same temperature, we recommend Field Roast Sausages Apple Sage.
3. Open up a bread roll or small baguette, spread with avocado (if desired), add lettuce, place one snag which has been cut in half down the middle, top with a heap of the onion, add a dollop of salsa and if you like, add a dollop of cashew cream cheese on top
This would have to be my ultimate vegan comfort food!  Enjoy
Recipe by Dena Diaz - Vegan Pantry Brisbane

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