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I’m Juliana Castro and it is a pleasure to meet you!

I’m a lot of things in my life: Brazilian, journalist, ballet dancer, cat lady, vegan and chef. I’m here to share with you these last two, I’m here to show you how to cook delicious, cheap and easy vegan food.

When I decided to be vegan, one of the first thoughts that went to my mind (and the question that I answer most today) is how to live giving up so many things. After a while, I realised the answer is that I don't have to give up anything. I just need to search, create, study, test ... and I can cook everything that I want, in a version that bring to me delicious memories and follow the lifestyle that I decided to have;


Loving and respecting all animals. And respecting my body too, not feeding myself with negative energy from sacrificed lives.

In the past, I was comfortable, I followed a diet that I learned to be the right one without even questioning why. But after rethinking my habits, I arrived here, in the best decision of my life. And you can’t imagine how much my life has improved, how much I’m happy and proud of my choices!

So I'm here to break this taboo that vegan food is bad and boring.
If you want to live this transformative experience and learn how to make vegan version of the most delicious dishes come with me!


Ju's Recipes - Vegan Pantry Brisbane

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