This Is Us Sourdough English Muffins 260g

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No preservatives and are naturally leavened. Perfect for both sweet and savory recipes, they have crunchy tops and bottoms with a soft centre.

About the Brand: Established in 2012, Salt Meats Cheese is a family-owned Italian restaurant group and purveyor of gourmet Italian produce. They have worked tirelessly to perfect the art of the perfect Neapolitan pizza base. A fluffy, crispy crust & thin and light base. Their pizza makers are trained and skilled tradesman who live and breathe their craft. They have come from Italy to provide customers with the true taste of what Italians are famous for. With a mix of imported Italian 00 flour and wholegrain and fresh yeast, their dough sees a 48hr proofing process, hand stretched and topped with home made sauces, wood fired and packed for customers enjoyment.