Our Story

VPB brings to life a wish to make vegan products more accessible to our fellow vegans.  At the same time we are advocates of animal rights and protection and do not accept that any kind of animal cruelty is simply "part of life".  Our third raison d'être is to promote a healthier lifestyle leading to a lighter footprint on the planet we inherited, ensuring our environment is not destroyed for future generations.

As vegans, we got stuck many times in the beginning not knowing what was available to us, what new products were out and not getting what we would like to have for dinner tonight just because our local shops are already closed.  VPB wants to try and make life easier for all of vegans (and the vegan curious) by providing same day or scheduled date deliveries of your basic vegan supplies and the treats you may also like.

Transitioning from meat eaters to vegetarian, and then vegan, was initially not easy for us as we didn't know any vegans and we had zero knowledge about veganism.  Our first question was "what am I going to eat now?" which many other new vegans may have thought but you start to discover a new world and a new way of looking at life.  Earthlings left us in tears and shattered - we could not unlearn what we had learned.  VPB is here to help you by providing a good variety of alternatives at competitive prices.

So what was it that made us see the light?  It was a combination of the death of beloved relatives and our education about the needless suffering of animals.  Watching Earthlings, Gary Yourovsky and a great documentary available on YouTube, Meat the Truth, sealed the deal and we have not looked back.


We are a 100% aussie owned and operated small business with the energy and motivation to provide our customers with quality, competitively-priced food.  We make every effort to ensure all of our products are 100% palm oil free before we offer them for sale.  We don't believe any use of palm oil is necessary and are aware of the suffering its production causes.

Please join us and our fur babies Bonnie and Louis - who you will soon meet via our updates - in this adventure we are starting and be part of our vegan family.


With vegan love