Welcome to Vegan Pantry Brisbane, 'Vegan food for the soul'

Vegan Pantry Brisbane is an Aussie-owned family small business that aims to make a vegan lifestyle fun, sustainable, and affordable, with the energy and motivation to provide our customers with quality, competitively-priced food - we believe our range is the best priced in Brisbane. As a bonus, we are a palm oil free business and are concerned about the ethical issues surrounding palm oil. We make every effort to ensure all of our products are 100% palm oil free before we offer them for sale.  We don't believe any use of palm oil is necessary and are aware of the suffering its production causes.

 We offer a wide variety of healthy food for vegans, vegetarians and everyone! Here you'll find meat replacements, meal kits, beauty products, ice cream, salsas, sauces, chocolate, apple cider vinegar, roasts, maple syrup, mayonnaise, biscuits, yeast flakes and sweeteners including coconut sugar and brown rice syrup. Most of our products are gluten free.

 We have all your favourite vegan brands and we are continually adding new products to our range. We also sell gift cards for sharing with friends and family!

 We are also advocates of animal rights and do not accept that any kind of animal cruelty is simply "part of life". Our third raison d'être is to promote a healthier lifestyle leading to a lighter footprint on the planet we inherited, ensuring our environment is not destroyed for future generations.

 We want to try and make life easier for all of vegans (and the vegan curious) by providing same day or scheduled date vegan home deliveries of your basic supplies and the treats you may also like.

We look forward to meeting you and being part of your vegan community.


Vegan Pantry Brisbane

‘Vegan Food for the Soul’