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Vegan Pantry Brisbane supports

* Palm Oil Investigations:

Everything you need to know about palm oil in one place - find out why we don't stock products with palm oil and learn about the 200-odd alternative names it is known as which are in everything from biscuits, toothpaste, shampoo and cleaning products to name just a few.

* Animal Liberation Queensland:

We encourage all Brisbane vegans to become a member of ALQ in order to support the incredible work and activism activities they undertake for our beloved animal friends.

Animal Liberation Queensland

* Voiceless:

Voiceless was founded in 2004 by father-daughter team, Brian and Ondine Sherman after learning of the legalised suffering of animals.  Today they lead a team of experienced lawyers, communicators and professional advocates who work tirelessly to improve the legal protections of factory farmed animals in Australia.
Please consider donating to Voiceless to help them carry on the amazing work they do.

* Animals Australia:

Australia's leading animal protection organisation.  Their investigations and campaigns are recognised the world over, uniting millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty.  They have raised an incredible level of awareness about the horrific cruelty, immorality and totally unnecessary industry of Live Animal Export and need our help to keep calling out other industries who continue to subject our animal friends to lives of abject misery.

Animals Australia

* Farm Animal Rescue:

If you haven't made a trip to one of Farm Animal Rescue's Open days, please consider getting along to one when you can.  A stunning rural sanctuary houses an eclectic menagerie of absolute beauties including cows, goats, chickens and heartbreakingly-adorable pigs.  These animals have been rescued from factory farms and while there are so many more needing rescuing and ongoing love, I strongly encourage all our customers to make a donation if you can so that more animals can experience the same happy new life.  You can even sponsor one of the residents!

Farm Animal Rescue

 Vegan Pantry Brisbane recommends:

- Cat Cuddle Cafe:  Cat Cuddle Cafe is Brisbane's first Cat Cafe.  Run by Pussies Galore Rescue, we have created a wonderful space for cat lovers to enjoy the company of our beautiful rescue cats.  With all the feline cuteness anyone could handle, we also offer guests a chance to cuddle with and potentially adopt felines in need of a good home.

  Click on our Facebook page here.

  160 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, QLD 4059

HappyCow's Compassionate Healthy Eating Guide : The definitive vegetarian dining guide and health food store directory serving the worldwide web since 1999. Provides peer reviews as well as a lively online community, veg recipes, travel and health info, free newsletter, and much more.

- Rustygate Design + Print + Web:, thank you for our magnificent reflective magnets!

- Sunshine Monograms:, thank you for a fantastic embroidery work!