Loving Earth Organic Very Buck ‘n Berry Chocolate Bar 45g


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Not as naughty as you might think! Despite the delectably smooth, sweet and creamy milk chocolate taste, the ingredients are all perfectly innocent! The ‘Buck’ is crunchy activated buckwheat, the ‘Berry’ is tart, chewy cranberries, creamed hazelnuts fill in for the dairy, low-GI coconut nectar for the cane sugar, the chocolate’s fair trade Peruvian cacao, and everything’s 100% vegan and gluten-free – phew! And the box? Well… it’s not exactly virtuous. It’s been around the block, the box has. (Recycled. 97% post-consumer materials.)

Fair trade chocolate bars with Javanese coconut sugar and 30% Peruvian cacao

Dairy-free creamed hazelnut with tart cranberries & crunchy buckwheat

Vegan treats with minimally processed, raw wholefood ingredients

Gluten Free


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