Banana Joe Banana Chips Hickory BBQ GF 46.8g

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Thin & Crispy just like a potato chip - You won’t believe your mouth. Even though each bag contains two whole bananas, it’ll taste like you are eating a typical savory chip. But the best part is, you can eat all you like, guilt-free! Banana Joe is made of 100% real bananas, hand-cut into thin, wafer-like slices for maximum crunch without breaking your teeth. Green or unripe bananas are much lower in sugar content and are a good source of resistant starches. We use natural organic rice bran oil, an increasingly popular vegetable oil which proposes many health benefits including lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, help prevent cancer and help in weight loss.

Made from Hom Thong bananas, also known as golden fragrant bananas
Full of probiotics for digestive health
Mild sweet and sour flavour with a fresh hint of chili
Hand-cut into thin slices for a crispy crunch
Over 1 billion probiotic cultures per serving
A snack that will allow you to absorb more amino acids from the protein you consume
Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that support immune function and feed the good bacteria in your gut
Joe's bananas are picked at sunrise, hand-cooked and packed the same day for freshness
Low in sugar
Gluten Free
Soy Free
No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

Packed With Nutrition – Don’t let the taste fool you, these chips are super nutritious. They contain over 1 billion probiotic cultures, along with prebiotic fibers to support digestion and immune system. Aside from having loads of potassium and magnesium, these chips are gluten-free, low sugar and contain nothing artificial.

The Perfect Snack For Kids & Adults – This low-calorie snack is totally delicious and tastes like real “potato chips”, but each bag offers all the benefits of two full bananas.

Small Business With High Impact - 10% of profits go towards organic and sustainable farming via our collaboration with social enterprise. Increase livelihood of 200 families by converting to organic banana farming within 5 years thanks to your purchase.

Ingredients: Banana (63%), Rice Bran Oil, hickory BBQ seasoning, inulin (natural dietary fibre), Bacillus coagulans GBi-30 6086.

Made in Thailand