Bunny Chow Down Red Chilli Jam 250ml

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**Award Winning**
Chutney plus cream cheese is a yummy combination – serve it as a dip or sandwich filler with meat replacements. The absolute best with any cheese or simply drizzle over any pizza.

Bronze Sydney Royal 2018 Fine Food Show
2nd Toowoomba Royal Show RASQ

Ingredients: red chillies, red capsicum, garlic, tomatoes, white wine, vinegar & sugar

Gluten Free
Handmade on the Gold Coast
No added preservatives
No added colours or flavours
No added thickeners or emulsifiers

Bunny Chow Down produces a distinct collection of gourmet chutneys, jams, marmalades, pickles, glazes, sauces and seasonings. Each recipe has a unique character and each flavour combination is developed to compliment food and improve the taste of dishes.

Over the last twelve months Bunny Chow Down has been recognised and awarded by the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, Royal Queensland Show and the Royal Agricultural Show of Queensland (Toowoomba Show). The label was awarded overall Champion and Gold Place at the show in Sydney for the Rosella Apple Chilli Jam and received the same accolade at the Toowoomba Show for the Beetroot Apple Chutney.