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Ceres Organics Cacao Drink Enlivened with Maca & Coconut Sugar 250g

Ceres Organics believe in the power of ‘real’ plant based ingredients. So for this bag of decadent but wholesome drinking cacao, they’ve blended single origin RAW cacao powder from family operated farms in the Dominican Republic with pure coconut sugar. No ‘nasty’ refined sugars, fillers or preservatives. Just the good stuff!

For a cup, mix one tablespoon of drinking cacao with just enough hot water to form a paste, then top with hot nut milk. Stir well. For a delicious smoothie, blend 1-2 tablespoons with your favourite nut milk and a frozen banana.

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar*, RAW Cacao Powder* (*Certified Organic)

Origin: Made in New Zealand from imported (Philippines, Dominican Republic) ingredients

Certified Organic

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