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Loving Earth Organic Banoffee Bang Bang Chocolate Bar GF 45g

Banoffee in a bar – but better! Say what you will about the 70s, but this luscious blend of banana, toffee and chocolate has never been out of style. It’s never been this healthy, either: Loving Earth’s premium bar is dairy-free and made from vegan, wholefood ingredients including fair trade Peruvian cacao and low-GI Javanese coconut sugar. Activated buckwheat seeds give it a satisfying crunch, and a delicate blend of vanilla and cinnamon tops off the flavour. Packaging is recycled and sustainable, and even the printing’s done in ecofriendly vegetable-based ink.

Fair trade chocolate bars with Javanese coconut sugar and 33% Peruvian cacao

Classic banana/toffee/vanilla taste with activated buckwheat crunch

Dairy-free vegan treats with minimally processed, raw wholefood ingredients


Ingredients: virgin cacao butter*°, evaporated coconut nectar*°, raw cashews*, coconut*, raw activated buckwheat* (10%), banana powder*, vanilla powder (<1%), cinnamon*. 33% min cacao. contains nuts.


*Certified organic

°Certified fair trade

Gluten Free

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