Macro Mike Almond Protein Pancake Baking Mix GF 300g

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The Ultimate Protein Pancakes!
Macro Mike’s most requested baking mix EVER… Say hello to Macro Mike’s life changing protein pancake mix! Made on Macro Mike’s revolutionary new almond protein base, they’re the easiest, most delicious pancakes around. 100% gluten free, vegan, natural and as always, macro friendly too. Simply mix with water, fry in some coconut oil and you’ve got a dreamy pancake stack ready to devour. Drizzle with their legendary powdered nut butters to take them to the next level! Mix. Fry. Flip. Stack. Devour.

Organic Ingredients
Gluten Free

Per Serving (3-5 Pancakes) – 227.5 cal, 33.73g carbs, 15.91 protein, 1.9g fat.