Macro Mike Choc Chip Snickerdoodle Cookies GF 300g

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A world first! Macro friendly cookie mixes!
Cinnamon sweet with a choccy hit. If you’re a Snickerdoodle protein fan then we guaranteed you’ll love this one too. These are without a doubt one of the best creations to come out of the Macro Mike doors to date. Totally Macro balanced too so prepare to demolish the entire batch!

Made with 100% natural ingredients, super charged with plant based protein and full of gut nourishing fibre.

Dip them into your morning coffee, create nice-cream cookie sandwiches or crumble them over your favourite smoothie bowl – without the regrets!

300g bag makes 15 cookies or 1 giant skillet cookie.

Per Cookie – 61 cal, 9g carbs, 3.1g protein, 1.3g fat.

Gluten Free

Allergy info: manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts and soy ingredients.