Nutty Bay Cashew Cheese Mushroom GF 270g

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Hearty full bodied and earthy. Beast served with your favourite pastas ... it’s the perfect base to your creamy sauces!
Did you know that a single porcini mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana!? Potassium helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals in the body.

Nutty Bay is a tasty vegan based cashew cheese. Made from all natural plant based ingredients, it is best enjoyed chilled as a spread or grazing dip amongst friends. Our creamy cheese is full of probiotics and rich enzymes which improve the balance of bacteria in your guts.

Gluten Free

Born in the organic capital of the nation... Byron Bay. The region is known for its green thumb and fertile land. Our focus is on supporting the local community by creating sustainable vegan food, that contributes to the preservation of our precious environment.

We advocate that by eating locally and organically, it will contribute to our communitie’s happiness and future sustainability. By keeping a healthy balance of probiotics and bactieria in your guts, this leads to a stronger more stable state of mind. The stomach and brain are directly connected by an extensive network of neurons that constantly provide feedback to each other, hence our understanding that mental & physical health are directly linked. We aim to integrate them. Healthy gut Happy mind.

Ingredients: Activated Cashews*, Filtered Water, Culture, Salt, Pepper*, Onion*, Porcini Mushroom, Olive Oil*. Note: olive oil* is only present on top of the contents (not throughout). *Denotes Organic