Olvebra Caramel Condensed Soy Milk Doce de Leite GF 330g

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If you have fond memories of childhood treats made with sweetened condensed milk but you no longer consume dairy products, then this is the business!
This caramel version of soy sweetened condensed milk is delicious. It is quite thick straight out of the can; the perfect consistency for the caramel layer of caramel slice, without any cooking needed.
The dairy-free alternative to Top n' Fill.
It's creamy, sweet and sticky - just the thing for a dairy-free treat! Perfect for any recipe that requires a thick caramel. Try it on top of a baked cheesecake for a dessert everyone will remember.

Made in Brazil from non-GMO soybeans grown in the north of the country, not from the south where rainforests are being obliterated to produce soy for cattle feed.

The palm oil ingredient is also produced in Brazil, so, like all of Olvebra’s other palm-containing products, the palm oil comes from sustainable plantations and does not contribute to deforestation or destruction of habitat of endangered species.

GMO free
Gluten free
Sustainably sourced and produced
Wheat Free

Ingredients: Sugar, water, palm oil (sustainable from Brazil), soy extract, maize glucose, refined salt, aromas, stabiliser sodium citrate, caramel flavour

Nutritional Information: Typical values per 100g
Energy 1365kJ 325kcal
Protein 3.5g
Carbohydrate 60g
of which sugars 60g
Fat 7.0g of which saturates 3.5g

Serving Suggestions: Any recipe that requires sweetened condensed milk. Or straight out of the can! Own spoon is essential.
Palm Oil Status: Palm oil in these products comes from Olvebra's own sustainable plantations in Brazil.

For more than 50 years, Olvebra has paved the way for the manufacturing of soy in Brazil.

Olvebra aim to produce and market products high in protein, thus encouraging suppliers, employees, and other contributors to generate value; and upon growth, to perpetuate the organization in both domestic and foreign markets by providing customers with quality products.

Origin: Brazil