Power Super Foods Peruvian Pink Gourmet Salt Coarse 600g

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Peruvian Pink Salt has been hand harvested for over 2000 years from a natural ancient ocean spring bubbling up to the surface in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Machu Picchu, Peru at around 4000 metres above sea level.
Pure salt sources are scarce today due to pollution of land and sea – Power Super Foods Peruvian Pink Gourmet Salt is a low carbon footprint, evaporated product (not mined) and is carefully tested against heavy metal contamination.
This is the perfect healthy seasoning prized by masterchefs with a deep robust flavour; the rich mineralization, containing many trace minerals and elements, creates a lovely pale pink colour.
The terraced salt ponds are owned by over 380 individual indigenous families, so why not enjoy gourmet quality flavour with profits being reinvested in traditional local communities?
Just some of the many naturally occurring, chelated minerals include calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper and zinc.
Serving suggestion: Ideal for both gourmet cooking and everyday nutritional food preparation...great on just about everything!

Fair Trade
100% pure

Ingredients: 100% Pure Peruvian Pink Salt