Pukka Mint Refresh Bamboo Travel Cup - Vegan Pantry Brisbane

Pukka Mint Refresh Bamboo Travel Cup

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Pukka’s bamboo travel cup in our beautiful Mint Refresh design.

10 very good reasons to drink from this cup:

1. Helps cut daily consumer waste

2. Reusable indefinitely if looked after

3. Natural bamboo fibre

4. Fast growing and rapidly renewable

5. Free from animal products and bi-products

6. BPA & phthalate-free

7. Resealable 'No Drip' lid

8. Dishwasher safe

9. Light, bright and lovely to use

10. Naturally sterile: no taste residue

We have wanted to offer re-useable cups with our designs for some time and at last, we have found one worthy of the task.

Made from naturally, rapidly-renewable bamboo fibre and melamine resin. These cups will take you on thousands of journeys of incredible bliss. If used twice a week for a year this cup will save 1.2kg of waste per person versus using disposable cups.