Sophie's Kitchen Lightly Crumbed Vegan Scallops GF 250g

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Plant-Based Seafood that's tasty AF (As Fish)
Gourmet plant-based seafood alternatives, made using Konjac powder, a healthy traditional ingredient in Asia for centuries!
Delicious alternative to dwindling seafood sources and overcrowded fish farms. Designed for those who want to add more plant-based foods to their diets, for the weight conscious, and those with allergies.
Sophie’s Kitchen’s products are made with Konjac root, pronounced ‘kon-jack’, an ancient Asian staple. Low in calories, high in fiber and sustainable.
First developed for their daughter who is allergic to seafood, Sophie’s Kitchen uses their 20+ years of creating vegetarian foods to offer these delectable, revolutionary category innovation!

100% Plant-based
Soy Free
Gluten Free

Ingredients: Water, konjac powder, pea starch, potato starch, rice flakes (from brown rice), sea salt, organic agave nectar, fenugreek, alginate (from seaweed), white pepper, calcium hydroxide

How to prepare scallops:
Fully Cooked-Simply reheat.
Prep: Thaw in Refrigerator Overnight
Cooking Method: Sauté in frying pan with oil of choice. We love using Coconut Oil. (Do not Microwave)
Additional Direction: When oil bubbles, place the scallops in pan and saute lightly for –add red chili pepper flakes and minced garlic and drizzle with fresh squeezed lemon juice, sauté until Scallops are slightly browned –Scallops should be eaten within 10-15 mins of preparation, or kept moist until ready to enjoy (in a broth, or with a warm damp kitchen cloth)
Serving Suggestion: Serve these delicious Scallops over a linguini and toss with your choice of white or red sauce
Pairing: Also great as an appetizer over a red pepper coulis with toast points or over a warm kale salad. Pairs nicely with a bottle of Sonoma Pinot Noir, or a Bubbly Probiotic Tea (Health Ade Ginger-Lemon Kombucha)